Creates a unique look by mixing and matching colors, texture, and sizes.

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Looking to update your bathroom? Personalize your kitchen? Or, make a statement with a beautiful fireplace surround in your Living Room? Tile is the most versatile material on the market.

We will help you find the best option to give you your dream space at the right price!


Tile is wide open spaces for price and design! There are a great number of factors that can affect the price such as tile size, tile type, installation type, installation design, etc.

Type of Materials

  • Ceramic​​

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and minerals, often glazed or covered with protective finishes.  

  • Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are fired at a very high temperature for a denser tile.  Due to their density, porcelain is more resistant to moisture and resist cracking in extreme temperature changes.  

  • Stone

There are two types of stone tiles available: natural stone or engineered stone.  Natural stone tiles are typically quarried from large pieces of rock, cut and sliced into slabs, and then polished to give a nice, smooth finish.  Whereas engineered stone is created by mixing crushed up quartz with a binding resin - the result is a very convincing "man-made' stone.  

Tile Options

  • SIZE: Tile sizes vary greatly, from mosaics to long planks. 

  • SHAPE: Tiles are available in a vast selection of shapes - square, basketweave, honeycomb, chevron, arabesque, scalloped, many more. 

  • FINISHES:  From high gloss to matte.

  • TEXTURE: - Textures include polished, honed, flamed,  and naturally clefted.

  • COLORS:  A diverse color palette from bright and colorful glass tiles to neutral stone tones.

To plan your budget, a good estimate can range anywhere from $10-$20/sf per installed.

At Floorida's Best, our team has an eye for design with over 25 years of experience to find the right product at the right price to make your dreams come true!  Take advantage of our free flooring design consultation.

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