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Our expert Sales & Design Consultants are here to make the Remodel & Refresh process a smooth one from start to finish! We often find it is best to have a quick conversation about what you want or need!  

We come to you:

FREE in-home consult & measure

We bring the samples to you or recommend additional product options based on your wants/needs


We’ll provide a full estimate for your project: 

  • Our products are first-quality goods and reliable

  • You can count on our crews being professionals of their specific trade

  • Our Sales & Design Consultant will review the quote with you to make sure we have covered the full needs of the project and answered all questions.  


Once you’re booked, consider it done!


One of our experts will be dedicated to your project from start to finish to ensure quality and timely project completion. 


We handle all the details!


  • When planning for your project please take into consideration your work and availability schedules.

  • Product selection (this is the fun part) based on our in-home consultation or by visiting the showroom.

  • Once a product selection is made we will check lead-times as well as labor crew availability.

  • Provide potential install dates and select the best date that meets your schedule. *

*Please note that material Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is a target date and not always a firm – we are at the mercy of delivery trucks. Due to this, we always recommend scheduling pick-up, delivery, or installation a few days after the estimated date. 


  • Make sure we set a tear-out or installation schedule that works for you. Consider things such as allowing access for the crew and the length of time needed to complete the job. 

  • Make sure to give thought to the preference of seams, the direction of the pattern, or the layout of your flooring. Please discuss this with our flooring expert prior to the arrival of the installation crew.

  • Make sure all phases of construction are complete prior to flooring installation, including painting.

  • Acclimation time is necessary for some types of flooring: maintain a room temperature of 65-80 degrees. Permanent heat and lights are required for all installations. Space will be needed to store and cut the flooring.

  • Be sure to double-check your products are what you ordered and the correct material was delivered. Shade or characteristic variations between the sample and the actual product may occur but the difference will be within the manufacturer’s tolerance. 

  • Any rooms or areas that will be resurfaced must be emptied prior to tear-out or installation. Remove hanging objects in the area of installation.

  • Disconnect and remove electronics, computers, and especially jewelry or valuables. 

  • Pets and small children must be attended to and kept in a safe and secure area away from the installation.

  • Furniture can be removed and replaced if contracted to do. This is for large pieces of furniture only. If you have professionally assembled or valuable pieces of furniture you should contact moving professionals or the retailer as we cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur during the move.

  • Appliances can be removed and replaced if contracted to do so.

  • Toilets, pedestal sinks, or anything of the like if contracted to do. 

  • Doors, baseboards, and moldings can be left in place in most installations, but we cannot be responsible for possible damage. We work close to these so nicks and scratches are possible. We are able to remove and replace these if necessary and only if contracted to do so. We cannot cut doors that lead outside.

  • Should concealed imperfections or damages be revealed during flooring removal that requires repair or correction this is the sole responsibility of the customer. You will be notified with information as to the best recommendation for proceeding to make a decision. 

  • We are not responsible for any problems that may arise due to pre-existing structural conditions such as asbestos, mold, or building code violations.

  • If your installation involves cutting or sanding, it is a good idea to cover cupboards and furniture.


  • Please be sure to thoroughly inspect your newly installed floors and bring any concerns to our attention immediately.

  • While our crews try to take care of every installation, you may need to perform touchups to walls, moldings, and baseboards. 

  • Every installation has material waste due to necessary cuts in often irregular spaces. The installation crew can leave or remove these leftovers based on your preference. 

  • Our crews will be sure to leave the space in good condition but it is the customer’s responsibility to clean the flooring after installation.

  • Allow proper ventilation for at least 72 hours after your flooring installation. 


  • We offer only first-quality goods to give you the peace of mind that any products purchased come with a Manufacturer Warranty, Installation Instructions, and a Care & Maintenance Guide.

  • We provide at least a one-year Installation Warranty for any projects we complete.

  • We make certain all of our subcontractors are licensed and insured.