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Carpet Samples

Costs of carpet vary depending on the style, fiber, and weight. To give you an idea of where prices start on the most common fibers today:

Type of Materials

  • POLYESTER (PET) starting at $1.99/sf (with pad)

    • Excellent value option made from recycled plastic bottles and very budget-friendly

    • Inherent stain resistance makes it great for families or active households


  • NYLON starting at $2.99/sf (with pad)

    • Strong fiber is known to resist matting, wear, and abrasion very well

    • Stain treated to resist stains


  • TRIEXTA (PTT) starting at $2.99/sf (with pad)

    • Soft, stain-resistant, long-lasting fiber technology

    • No topical treatment needed for stain resistance, so it won’t wear off, it’s within the fiber

    • Water, mold, and mildew resistant


  • WOOL starting at $4.99/sf (with pad)

    • Known for its durability, soil & flame resistant, natural humidifier

    • Higher maintenance product, investment product in a slower-pace household 


Sometimes we overlook the importance of carpet cushion! The right cushion can make all the difference by providing more comfort to walk and better support for the life of your carpet. Ask us to show you the difference!


We’ll take the hassle of weeding through countless options of carpet available to quickly help you buy with confidence - let’s consider your household, preference of look, and budget.

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